Executive Delivery Model

O2F offers the following executive models for executing various projects. The customer can choose from any of these model. O2F is open to suggestions from the customers in regards to working out other executive models.

Remote Development Centre

We recreate a technological and reporting environment similar to that of the client at our facility in Hyderabad (India), staffed with a pool of dedicated professionals. The RDC leverages the expertise and infrastructure of O2F. This unit forms a virtual extension of the client’s resources and is managed by the client similar to its own IT team. This scheme is suitable for organizations who want to concentrate on their core-competencies and yet retain the overall management of the project. Seamless remote administration by the client’s IT department is enabled by the expertise developed by O2F’s project management group in implementing development and reporting environments conforming to client standards.

The advantages of RDC are:

  • Reduced cost of developing IT Infrastructure
  • Less management attention required for management of IT projects
  • Implementation of 24-hour workdays due to the near 12-hour time differential

Onsite Development Centre

A dedicated team of professionals works at the client’s facility, and reports to the client’s IT head. The actual project management could also be done by the client, if desired. This is suitable for organizations, which already have IT facilities in place, and is useful for projects like ongoing software upgrades that require constant interaction with different departments at the client’s location. This frees the client from personnel recruitment & management, while ensuring development by quality and technology savvy professionals. We are equipped to meet requirements of various sizes and at various locations.

Offsite Development Centre

Under this scheme, the development of projects could be undertaken at our local development center nearest to the client location. This enables the client to oversee the project management.