Why the need for ERP?

The basic objective of implementing ERP is to integrate all departments and functions across a company onto a single computer system that can serve all those different departments’ particular needs. It helps in automating tasks involving performing a business process-such as order fulfillment, which involves taking an order from a customer, shipping it and billing for it. ERP can apply that same magic to the other major business processes, such as employee benefits or financial reporting.

It is a single software program that serves the needs of people in finance as well as it does the people in human resources and in the warehouse. The range of choices available for an enterprise attempting to put an ERP in place, can be bewildering. Factor in options like hosting (ASP) and dramatic new developments in convergence and wireless networks .The issue becomes even more complex.

How it Works?

ERP combines them all together into a single, integrated software program that runs off a single database so that the various departments can more easily share information and communicate with each other.

Our Role

At O2F, our proven track records in implementing successful ERP solutions across a spectrum of industries are critical. These solutions are typically integrated with Supply Chain, HRMS e-procurement, e-commerce and CRM applications. We combine a comprehensive approach and experienced teams with product suites from leading solution providers like SAP and Oracle. Our emphasis is on best practices like ASAP for R/3, and strong quality commitment.

Our portfolio of reusable frameworks offers the dual advantages of speed and cost reduction. Managing a project from product evaluation to deployment and training, our teams architect, integrate and manage robust ERP systems that are always focused on customer needs.

Our Offerings

  • Process model for building and implementing the ERP data warehouse solution
  • Customized solutions using leading data warehousing tools and ERP product suites like SAP Business Information Warehouse

The Advantage

  • Flexible, cost-efficient and rapidly deployable ERP analytical solution based on strong data warehousing and ERP fundamentals
  • High performance, scalable and extensible solution through best-of-breed technologies and robust architecture
  • Faster development through an established framework for implementation of ERP data warehouse projects
  • Leveraging our technology relationships with leading players like SAP, Oracle, Informatica, Cognos