Telecom Engineering Services

O2F is the significant partner in India and US capable of providing advanced services such as Telecom Implementation, Managed services, System integration, Hosting, etc…

A full multi-national team of competent and senior engineers with backup of strong management team familiar with latest technologies and solutions.

Our approach at Delivery Operations is simple:

  • Deliver our commitments and beyond, as the client’s delight is our goal
  • Operate to the highest quality levels
  • Optimize so that you can get the best out of what they have.

Around the above framework, O2F built three focused business lines:

  •  System Integration: is our delivery arm
  •  Managed Services: to operate your network
  •  Managed Hosting: to offer another alternative to deliver and operate
    together to the highest quality levels

O2F Telecom Engineering team provides services for complete end to end process when it comes to deploying your network, whether you have a new network roll out or when you are expanding your existing network. O2F’s deployment team will ensure that your sites are on air on time and in budget.